Celebrating Vegan Deliciousness

Celebrating Vegan Deliciousness

Where Healthy Meets Tasty

Eating Vegan Has Never Been Tastier

Can’t imagine living without cheese? Convinced that vegan equals boring? Love the taste of a Big Mac too much to give it up? THINK AGAIN! Blogger-author Kim Capella will deliciously prove you wrong in this appetizing Quest! With over 20 mouth-watering vegan recipes and life-changing tips, Kim will help you incorporate tasty vegan meals into your diet through fun and practical guidance. Whether you’re a vegan looking to spice up your diet, or you’re simply looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle and need some new recipes and a boost of motivation – this Quest will help you achieve total well-being while keeping it tasty! How Does It Work? It's an Interactive Program In this Quest, you will get daily guidance from Kim, helping you discover and enjoy the amazing benefits the vegan kitchen has to offer. Progress at Your Own Pace The program is self-paced, thereby allowing you to determine your progress. Join a Community of Like-Minded Questers On top of Kim’s guidance, the Quest has a vast community of people who share their ideas and tips. Join Kim today and see how simple, flavorful and enjoyable a vegan diet can be!

  • Author of 30 Under 300, #1 Best-Selling “vegan” book on Amazon
  • B.S. in Biochemistry from Georgia Institute of Technology

Kimberly Capella is the writer, recipe developer, and photographer behind the vegan food blog, The Coconut Diaries. She has been blogging since 2012 and develops recipes for nutrition-focused companies. A passionate promoter of total well-being, Capella was not always an expert in the field of nutritious, vegan eating. After growing up overweight, overcoming eating disorders, and ultimately losing weight with a healthy approach, she now embraces total balanced living. By combining her two unique skillsets of academically-learned Biochemistry and self-taught cooking, Capella is eager to show the world that a healthy, vegan lifestyle can be easy and feasible.

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Success Stories

  • Alexa G.

    So Many Positive Changes

    "Thanks to Kim I've added more vegan meals to my diet, and have noticed so many positive changes. I lost weight, I became a lot healthier (not getting the flu as often!), and I feel so good knowing my diet is beneficial for the animals and for the environment."

  • Linda P.

    Simple & Easy to Follow

    "I LOVE this Quest! The recipes themselves are very simple and easy to follow/recreate in your own kitchen. I love that there is something for everyone with varying nutritional preferences."

  • Sheina D.

    Delicious Recipes

    "This Quest is filled with information, delicious recipes, and great tips. Kim makes it easy for everyone to live a healthier life with simple ingredients and recipes that anyone can make. "

  • Bruce M.

    Healthier & Tastier Options

    "Eating healthy is NOT boring and this Quest proves it. Kim takes non-vegan foods that we all love and gives healthier (and even tastier) options. It's really amazing how you can eat so healthy and not feel deprived in the least!"

  • Paul S.

    Rich in Flavors

    "Thanks to Kim my diet became not only healthy, but also rich in flavors and colors. Her tips and recipes make it super-easy for anyone looking to improve their health. "

  • Valery S.

    Discover Healthy, Vegan Eating

    "This program is great for a beginner or someone who's familiar with healthy, vegan cooking. It honestly speaks to every person and all diet needs. I really recommend it to anyone who wants to discover the world of healthy, vegan eating. "

  • Meredith L.

    Easy to Follow

    "This program is easy to follow and conveys the message that eating vegan & healthy doesn't mean sacrificing flavor!"

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