The Ultimate Morning Workout

A 4-Week Quest to Get You in Shape in Just 10 Minutes a Day

Get More Out of a 10-Minute Morning Workout, Than Others Get in 24 Hours!

Is your busy schedule too packed to go to the gym and workout? Is every minute of your day precious but so is a kickass body? Are you tired of paying gym costs? You can learn how to include a high-intensity workout, get that rockin bod - all in 10 minutes a day and in less than one month's gym membership. Sam Star has created the ultimate high-intensity workout. We promise it will help you feel stronger and more confident. In just 10 minutes Sam moves, stretches and strengthens her body more than most people do in their entire day! Now she is going to teach you. Start your day like a pro and feel awesome! “With this specially developed workout, you too can achieve more in the first 10 minutes of your day than most people do throughout their entire day. Join MyQuest and let me show you how to start your day like I do. Replace morning grogginess with an all-star morning routine. Through a variety of drills including high-intensity strength and mobility exercises, that will build muscle memory and expand your range of motion. Strengthen your core, wake up your body and jumpstart your senses for the entire day!” - Sam

Quest Curriculum

  • 3 Levels
  • Coaching By Sam
  • Community Support
  • iOS & Android
  • Level 01

    Getting Started

    Time to get started! Stage 1 will set you up for a great start. You will learn all the basics of your new morning routine and build the foundation of the practice. Repetitive muscle memory and range of motion are important to building a strong base, which is exactly what this stage is about.

  • Level 02

    Advanced Workouts

    On stage 2 you’ll continue to deepen your morning practice. Less than 10 minutes a day and your body will already look and feel much stronger. You’ll learn new movement flows and steps to boost your energy and build up your muscles, so that by the end of this stage you’ll be ready to increase your workout time to 10 minutes.

  • Level 03

    Full Morning Routine

    That’s it, you’re now ready for your full 10 minute workout! Stage 3 will show you what a huge difference a short morning workout session can make in your day. After experimenting with various flows and exercises, you will be ready to create your own morning routine and take it with you for the rest of your life!

Quest Preview

  • Mission 1: Day 1 - Welcome!

  • Mission 15: Day 15

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Success Stories

  • Lisa M.

    Strengthening and Energizing

    "Honestly, I couldn’t believe that 10 minutes a day could make such a difference. When I started practicing with Sam I was skeptic, but it didn’t take long before I realized how strengthening and energizing this workout is."

  • Rebecca S.

    The Results Are Amazing!

    "Sam is such an inspiration! Her mental and physical strength motivated me to keep up with my practice, and the results are amazing!"

  • Mia L.

    Perfect For The Busy

    "Definitely my kind of workout. Working full time and raising two daughters doesn’t leave me much time to exercise and take care of myself, which is why Sam’s program is perfect for me, and for anyone who's super busy. "

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